Many people love them, as many despise them by the label of “cheap”, but all the city asks: what are the best Sushi with the “All you can eat” formula in Milan?
The ranking is random, except for the first position, largely deserved by the winner that breaks the competition with wide margin.

Top #5 Sushi All You Can Eat in Milan

#1. Izakaya Sushi Fusion 2

I struggled to find a replacement for Izakaya Sampei, after they decided to delete their AUCE menù, but eventually I found a strong alternative. Izakaya Sushi Fusion 2 in via Piero della Francesca it’s a very nice surprise. A little but welcoming location with good and precise service. Fish quality is excellent and creative menù is really interesting. Strawberry uramaki are simply exquisite cause strawberry amplify salmon savour. Mixed Chirashi with strawberry and avocado it’s one I loved, but my favourite was Unagi Nigiri, eel nigiri, simply faboulous, hard to find in Milan and hard to find good ones.

Prezzo All You Can Eat pranzo: 20,90 euro

#2. Toyama Milano

Toyama Milano is a well-known restaurant thanks to the quality of its Sushi All You Can Eat and the position along Corso Cristoforo Colombo, 3, near Porta Genova. The quality of the dishes and the speed of the service definitely make the difference. In addition, the menu is wide and varied, including both hot and cold dishes, Japanese and Chinese. Interesting is also the sweets, usually absent in the ethnic restaurants, especially the Daifuku mochi.

Toyama Milano also has a restaurant in via Misurata.

The price for an All You Can Eat:
Lunch: 10,90 Euros
Dinner: 18,90 Euros

#3. NARA Sushi Restaurant

NARA Sushi Restaurant in via Felice Casati, 25 perfectly combines the excellent cuisine with luxurious furnishings. You will be pervaded by the gold of the interiors while dine a few steps from Porta Venezia. Fast service and high quality ingredients make this Sushi All You Can Eat the ideal restaurant for a dinner party with friends. The modern plating on black stone is a frame for elegant revisions of classic uramaki such as Cripy Ebiten (fried shrimp, avocado and almond). Or, among the most notable dishes, you can taste the tartare tris (salmon, tuna and white seabass) and the nigiri with the eel, a delicacy difficult to find.

The price for an All You Can Eat dinner is: 19,90 Euros + Service 2 Euros

#4. Fish Restaurant

From the outside this AYCE restaurant may go unnoticed. It doesn’t shine with golden light like the NARA, but inside the atmosphere is romantic in a “shabby chic” style. The menu is limited and this guarantees the highest quality of the dishes. Noteworthy is the match with mango and gunkan with tobiko. Particularly appreciated for lunch breaks.

The price for an All You Can Eat dinner is: 22,90 Euros

#5. Sun Restaurant

Sun Restaurant is a mandatory stop in the Porta Romana area. After the recent change of style that has turned it into a sushi bar, the quality is blossomed: the menu has been revisited and modernized, moving away from the classic uramaki. On Sun’s uramaki you can find extra virgin olive oil with white truffle, pistachio grain, cramberries and other unusual and surprising ingredients that enhance the fish’s flavor.

The price for an All You Can Eat:
Lunch: 18 Euros
Dinner: 25 Euros

Do you know other places worth visiting?[:]